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But since the Reminders page is technically a web app, you can bookmark a specific link to place on your phone’s home screen for easy access. Fast, reliable phone unlocking is a crucial feature in today’s security-conscious world. Our phones store financial data, business information, and all kinds of personal content, so security is a crucial dimension when evaluating mobile devices.

  • iPhones offers outstanding quality that you will never find in a android phone.
  • In 2016 alone, nearly 1.5 billion phones with either Android-based or iOS-based system were sold to end users worldwide.
  • Google-backed Android, Apple-backed iOS are the widespread operating systems in the smartphone industry.

Those same Google services also help ease the move from iOS to Android, though the process actually involves moving your stuff from your device (and Apple’s cloud) into Google’s. Google recommends using the backup feature of the Google Drive app for iOS to move your contacts, calendar events, and photos from your phone into Google’s apps. In doing so, you’ll lose any non-Apple-Music media, notes, reminders, and other data stored in iCloud. You also won’t be able to communicate okay google what is better iphone or android with iOS users using iMessage or FaceTime, which can be a big sticking point if you have a lot of iPhone-using friends and family. By now, most popular apps and games are available on both iOS and Android , but specialty apps like audio, video, or image editors are more likely to be iOS-only. Launchers are the epitome of Android customization. These apps let you completely change how you interact with the home screen, the app drawer and even the app icons on your phone.

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Using a launcher on your Android phone allows you to customize almost every aspect of how your phone looks and behaves, making your phone even more personal than it already is. Apple’s approach to the home screen is still locked to placing all installed apps in a rigid grid, although you can now add widgets to the homescreen and mix up the overall look. However, the home screen on Android devices don’t follow a grid layout, allowing you to place apps anywhere you’d like. Both platforms let you make folders containing groups of apps.

There was a time when paying more for an iPhone meant you got a phone with better build quality, camera capabilities, and a gorgeous screen. It couldn’t have competed with the noisy Android market on the number of features and customizability offered. But it didn’t matter because the Apple package overall provided more value. On the iPhone, you have to tap the Google app icon. Most Android phones will already have the Google app preinstalled, so you can tap on the icon to launch it with them. Some Android phones may also allow you to swipe right to launch the app, though not all will. On other phones, you’ll have to use the Google app icon to get to your cards.

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Samsung and Apple use fabulous OLED screens on their phones. Check the great review of the Note 9 screen from DisplayMate. And here is their review of the iPhone XS Max screen. Let your own subjective experience be a guide. If your phone feels responsive and fast when you open apps, browse the web, send email, or watch a movie, then it’s probably fast enough for your needs.

Of course, you can pay more to gain additional snappy responsiveness, but only you can decide if the cost is worth the benefit. The large size phones Rapid Application Development are easier to drop and break. Give the cost of screen repairs, this is a real consideration. Samsung lets you multitask apps in multiple windows.

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supports using multiple apps at the same time, iOS 14 and the iPhone do not. Android users, however, have had split-screen apps since 2016 with the release of Android 7.0 Nougat. From more customisation controls to split-screen apps, Android phones can do a lot that iPhones simply can’t. The Pixel camera never lets me down and it simply kills any fear of missing out that I might have in relation to alternative phones. Other than review devices, the only phone that disturbed the Pixel’s dominance in my life was the HTC U11, and that was only because it had a camera that was sometimes superior .

Apple operates rather differently to Google here. For example, data used by voice assistant Siri is anonymized. And Apple plans to make a huge change to how privacy operates in iOS later this year, making it clear to us end users when an app like Facebook is collecting and sharing data about us. In previous years we would also have recommended Huawei’s phones. But we can’t now they don’t have Google apps.

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Okay Google is a hotword to bring to life Google Now virtual voice-enabled assistant available in Google mobile app, within Chrome browser, or Google search. Using it, you can easily get needed information, set reminders, run applications or perform any other actions like calling and texting. Plus, you may have a bit of fun by asking Google Now funny and weird questions. Like Siri, Google Now does a good sense of humor. As a student, keeping track of every single thing to study, person to meet, and advisor to talk to can be hard to track when you have life lessons to learn, parties to attend, and exams to study for. Assistant’s Reminders are a great way to help stay on task, and Google will keep a long running tally until you’ve marked them as complete. Unfortunately, there is no separate app to check on the list of reminders you’ve made thus far without digging into your Google Calendar.

Sometimes, often after an update of hour apps or Android version, OK Google will simply stop working. This can be a real pain if you use the function often, but figuring out why it no longer works isn’t all that straightforward.

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Both the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone work this way, for instance. A big change for many Android users will be that Google Assistant won’t allow you to type a query, in the way that the Google app that was triggered by a home screen long hold used to do. Google Assistant is also part of the Google Home voice-activated assistant, Android Wear watches and the Google Allo messaging app. It’s important to understand that Google Assistant is not an app that you can download. Rather, it’s baked into Android 6 or Android 7 for phones described above, that Google considers able to run it.

This software trick is great for viewing your calendar while sending an email, as one small example. Apple lags when it comes to making use of the large screen. If OK Google stopped working after another app updated or was installed, that might also be a clue. You may want to to disable or temporarily uninstall other apps that listen for voice input, or have been updated or installed since your problems started. You may also be prompted to switch the assistant on, in which case you should certainly do that. In either of these cases you’ll be following the steps that go along with the assistant being present. Let’s start with the easier one, for phones that don’t have the assistant.

How To Set Up Google Assistant On The Iphone Or Ipad

So if your phone is suddenly giving you the silent treatment, here’s how to get to the bottom of it. For example, you can make phone calls or okay google what is better iphone or android open specific apps while your hands are busy with something else, such as driving. Apple seems to have lost its competitiveness on price.

Which is the best phone brand in the world?

Top 10 Mobile Brands in WorldSAMSUNG. Samsung is a big name in phone companies and has emerged as one of the top mobile brands in the world.
APPLE. It is one of the most premium mobile brands in the world.
HUAWEI. It’s one of the wide-ranging smartphone brands in the world.